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Bolzing FC are the Kings of Europe

Bolzing FC from Kaiserslautern/Germany win the first ever Gillette UNILEAGUE Euro! Congratulations!!!
Runner-up Ajax from Braunschweig/Germany and 3rd place: Turkish Uniforce from Izmir/Turkey! It was a fantastic tournament, thanks to all participants and partners! ?????????

BFC – ready to “bolz”

The German word “bolzen” means to kick a ball around, so it is not a surprise that Bolzing FC is proud about their team strength, not about individual Cristiano Ronaldo moves. Bolzing won the German Unileague in 2016 and as there was no European Final back then, they kept their place for this year. Always very positive guys, they are looking to enjoy Athens but also trying to take the cup back to Kaiserslautern.

Deportivo Moron – the surprise team?

One of the youngest teams of Gillette Unileague, Deportivo Moron FC is facing the ultimate challenge through its participation in the Gillette Unileague EURO. The team is renamed this year, since it was known as Basketaki FC. In Athens, it succeeded to enter in the phase-16 but it was not so lucky at this stage, even if the quality of the team was in general good enough to enter in the quarter finals too. In any case, they already promised this step for 2017-18 and they are dreaming for a great start of the season through their first ever European performance.


Representing Crete and Greece: Align FC

One of the most historic teams of Gillette Unileague is Align FC. It was founded in 2008 and during the last 9 seasons, it was only once that it did not qualify for the National Finals of Greece.

Align FC managed to get a medal in 6 out of those 9 times and also participated in the Champions League of 2016 in Maribor. The proud representative of the island of Crete travels to Athens this time, not for one more participation in National Finals, but for the step further on European level.

Will they succeed?

Sharks are hungry!

Tubarões da Lusófona will represent Portugal in the 1st European Unileague.

With a magnificent performance in the Portuguese tournament, “Sharks”, as they are known, had won six games in a row and ensured their presence in Athens. After a solid start, the team from Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologia easily won the Group N and reached the knockout stage. At that point, they faced big battles in Quarter and Semi Finals as both games were decided in the penalty shootout. Praise to their Goalkeeper Nilton Danielwho saved 2 crucial penalties.

In a final full of thrills and excitement, played at 1:00 AM in Lisbon, Tubarões da Lusófona made history and beat Pi100 Pé do ISCTEby 1-0. The decisive goal was scored by Duane Pereira that was also considered the best striker in the tournament with 7 goals.

Despite all the names, Tubarões are a very strong and tight group that never gives up and always believes in victory. Now, they are absolutely confident and focused on bringing the trophy to Portugal and become the 1st University Minifootball Champions.

Good Luck Sharks!

Passion is everything – Villagers FC

The Villagers FC, Champion Team of Athens in 2017 in the Greek Unileague is ready for the big challenge. The squad of the team counts many changes in comparison to the end of the last season, however the captain of the team Spyros Tsigaridas is sure that the level will be similar. The Gillette Unileague EURO will be the best test for the team in order to see what it needs to change if it wants to be again at the top of Athens and close to the top of Greece, on National level too.