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Sharks are hungry!

Tubarões da Lusófona will represent Portugal in the 1st European Unileague.

With a magnificent performance in the Portuguese tournament, “Sharks”, as they are known, had won six games in a row and ensured their presence in Athens. After a solid start, the team from Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologia easily won the Group N and reached the knockout stage. At that point, they faced big battles in Quarter and Semi Finals as both games were decided in the penalty shootout. Praise to their Goalkeeper Nilton Danielwho saved 2 crucial penalties.

In a final full of thrills and excitement, played at 1:00 AM in Lisbon, Tubarões da Lusófona made history and beat Pi100 Pé do ISCTEby 1-0. The decisive goal was scored by Duane Pereira that was also considered the best striker in the tournament with 7 goals.

Despite all the names, Tubarões are a very strong and tight group that never gives up and always believes in victory. Now, they are absolutely confident and focused on bringing the trophy to Portugal and become the 1st University Minifootball Champions.

Good Luck Sharks!